9 Things Your Wedding Makeup Artist Won’t Tell You but You Need To Know

You’ve found the perfect wedding makeup artist based on recommendations and you’re a smart, sassy, take charge type of lady who has everything figured out. That’s great! Let’s see if you really have everything covered by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Do you think you can skip the beauty planning session and/or makeup trial? Do you think blush and false eyelashes just aren’t for you? Do you plan on just using whatever lipstick is available on the day of? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this list of for you. Here are some absolutely essential tips for your big day that will save both you and your MUA a lot of time that would be better spent making you look beautiful.

  • “Photos Are Not Reality.” – If you don’t normally wear makeup — or a lot of it — in your daily life that’s fine. However, consider the point of wedding makeup is not only to look ravishing in real life but in your photos. You may not wear makeup every day but you also don’t wear a wedding dress or have your hair up in curls every day either. Trust a professional makeup artist to know how much to use for a “natural” look — which is usually a lot more than you think.
  • “No, Your Eyelashes Are Not Long Enough.” – Even if you were blessed with naturally long eyelashes and get away with not applying mascara on the regular that doesn’t mean your lashes can go commando on the most important day of your life. If you still think you look good enough in evening wear to not use fake eye lashes, please see number 1 and remember your wedding photos will last a lifetime. Don’t take a chance on how you’ll look in them.

Fake Makeup

“Skin Care Is The More Important Than You Think.” – If you’re not taking care of your skin, removing makeup at night and properly cleaning your face, no amount of concealer or foundation will cover up all the acne, rough dead skin, and blotches waiting for your MUA. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, make sure you take proper care of your skin — and while you’re at it go ahead and treat yourself to a facial a few days before — so that your wedding makeup artist has a proper canvas to work with.

Skin Care

“Be On Time!” – On the day of your wedding, there is limited time to work with — especially if you’re bringing along all your bridesmaids. Not arriving on time or not being ready when your wedding MUA arrives means that — even with the help of an assistant or two — there is much less of a chance that you will be finished and good to go in time for the ceremony.

Be on

  • “Freshen. Your. Breath.” – If you had your bachelorette party the night before (which we highly recommend not doing) — or just went out for some drinks with old friends you haven’t seen in forever — your breath will most likely not be very good, especially if you haven’t eaten. Remember your MUA will be inches away from your face so either brush your teeth beforehand or take swimming lessons to learn how to hold your breath.
  • “Do not ask For a Discount Because You’re Not Doing a Trial.” – If you think you are doing your wedding makeup artist a favor by not having a trial or test run first, then my soon to be a wedded friend, you are sadly mistaken. Not only will everyone be unnecessarily nervous, but your MUA will be wasting valuable trying to figure out what you like or what looks good on you. Better yet sign up for a full beauty planning session beforehand in order to make sure both your hair and makeup is prim, perfect, and just the way you pictured it.
  • “Do Not Expect Me To Provide Free Lipstick Tubes For The Entire Wedding Party.” – Lipstick should be picked out and purchased beforehand and this is especially true for your bridesmaids. Unless you’ve made some kind of special arrangement beforehand, don’t expect your MUA to be packing free lipstick for all your BFFs. The decision of what shade or brand works best should also be discussed well before the wedding day.

Makeup Lipstick

“Let me Know About any Allergies or Skin Conditions.” – If you’re allergic to a certain kind of ingredient or have ultra-sensitive skin you need to give your wedding MUA a heads up. Also, please remember makeup artists aren’t dermatologists. If you suffer from some rare form of eczema, make sure you give her plenty of time to do the proper research to know exactly what she’s dealing with.

Makeup Artist

“Be Realistic — But Also don’t be Afraid to tell me if you Really Don’t like something.” – While you don’t want to try to do your wedding makeup artist’s job for her, you need to put on your big girl pants and speak up if something just isn’t working for you. Beyond the basics discussed earlier, we all have our own style and deserve to look like ourselves and not some stranger. If you just can’t tolerate something and need it changed, be firm but polite and let your MUA know.

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