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Bridals Eye lashes and Eye Makeup Services

Eyelashes and eye makeup are among the most popular type of cosmetic services sought out by our clients. As the windows to your soul, your eyes embody the most instinctual aspects of what beauty and attraction between people are all about. Making eye contact is the key first step to effective interpersonal communication in many cultures, as well as the first way for two people to know that they have each other’s full attention.

Bridal Makeup
Bridals Eye Lashes

Personalized Eyelashes & Eye Makeup Just for You

At Prim NYC, eyelashes and makeup aren’t just about who’s doing the work. It’s about you and what appearance you are going for. Some who come into our shop want the works — full cover evening makeup, smokey eyes, and long, glamorous eyelash extensions or false lashes. On the other extreme, some want a completely natural, daytime look — or are blessed with naturally long eyelashes and just need the right makeup artist to accent them. Many want both.

Most clients want a combination of a full cover and natural look, or somewhere in between — which will often depend on the season, occasion, and time of day or night. For our wedding eyelash and makeup work, some brides want tattoos covered, some want them showing. At the end of the day, it’s your look. While we’re more than happy to give advice, our guiding philosophy has always been to listen to the client first. Let’s face it. This is New York City where most people want the best of both worlds. And we’re happy to give it to you.

Prim NYC believes in you. Whether you’re looking to use eye lash extensions, false lashes or if you just need the right mascara application to go au naturel — we can bring out a complete, glamorous, and personalized appearance that will leave you confident and stress free, not second guessing yourself.

The entire team of makeup and hairstyle professionals at Prim NYC will coordinate with you for a total loo that will make you the center of attention for the right reasons on any occasion — or if you want something more subdued, we can give you a low-key gorgeous appearance that isn’t too intimidating for everyday use in a professional business environment or on a first date.

Our MUAs will keep in mind things like hair coloring, style, and the overall environment — including not only where you’ll be but the time of day, year, and even the weather forecast. We also use the highest quality and most durable products — including mascara, eye liner, and eye shadows — to showcase your eyes to in a way that has you turning heads and makes you happy both inside and out. For our general makeup services, we can utilize either airbrush or traditional cosmetics depending on your preference.

Bridal Party & On Location Eyelash and Eye Makeup Services

Whether it’s your wedding, a friend’s, or another important event, we can travel to any venue in New York City to make sure your eyes — and the rest of your hair and makeup — looks absolutely perfect.

Your MUA will work with you on your big day to create any look you want for your entire group or bridal party. We suggest that you schedule a beauty planning session in advance, along with one or two trusted bridesmaids, for a group consultation where we’ll discuss putting together a coherent and consistent look. You can feel free to bring photos or magazines that you think will inspire us — or let us put our heads together for something original and stunning that compliments your entire party’s look. We offer discounted group rates for makeup as well as hair, and can even travel to your ceremony or reception venue to make sure everyone looks spot on.

Our goal with eyelashes and eye makeup, as well as all of our beauty services, is to add the just right touch to your own special esthetic in order to bring out the best, most authentic version of you. We are the number one choice in bridal makeup for Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, and we can travel for those that need us. For more information about Prim NYC, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, we would absolutely love for you to call us today at 646-450-7884.